Undisciplined Tulips


This is a playful collection using shape, colour and fluidity as a means of exploring the silhouette, each piece reflecting one’s personality, a memory, an heirloom. A self-portrait in cloth. With modular functionality, the wearer can explore, play and sculpt.

Forever Beyond The Limits Of The World

The research for this collection extended into the heart breaking but beautiful work of two female Jewish poets, responding to their lives after the war. Their words created a narrative that brought each piece to life.


This work is inspired by organic architecture and the ever changing silhouettes of plants. Each piece is modular, allowing the garment to change its shape and function.

I’m working on a made to order basis.

For all enquiries and custom orders please contact me, outlining your requirements, i.e. measurements, special requests and colour preferences to make the piece unique to you.